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Where the experience

meets your values.

Ancla a presu personalizado

Tailor-made retreats to connect people with meaningful experiences.

Join us on a life-changing experience where every detail has been thought to fulfill your senses of pleasure, comfort, and well-being.
Amazing escapes if you are feeling stressed, tired, overworked, or just need a week to relax in a beautiful location.

The true story of how I got here:


I could share with you about my past life as a professional in the corporate world, about my degrees, the master I studied, or the teacher trainings I´ve done worldwide, but I no longer need any of that to feel valued, and the truth is, it has little to do with why I founded Top Yoga Retreats.


Top Yoga Retreats comes from the heart, from a place of trust, self-value, of total appreciation, and conviction for the value that one is capable of when sharing what one loves doing; something that is not taught in a University but has to be sweated and worked for. 


I am here because one day I reached bottom, and I felt a lack of sense of existentialism and I saw myself absolutely disconnected from my own life; this gave me the necessary energy to seek who I was and what I deserved.


Since then, my focus has been on personal development, and little by little, I learned to lead, take care of myself and listen to myself. I learned and stopped living with a constant fear which had paralyzed me before, I let relationships that had mistreated and suffocated me go. I began a journey of a healthy relationship with myself.


As easy and as complicated as that... 

After and only after personal development comes the time for professional development.


I have founded Top Yoga Retreats with the desire to be able to contribute to society with more fulfilling and conscious people, offering eco-friendly yoga experiences in inspiring places, with highly experienced teachers.


Join one of our retreats and return home reconnected, at peace, and with a soul full of beautiful experiences.


Now it's your time.

 "It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us"

-Marianne Williamson

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