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"Take only memories with you,

leave nothing but footprints"


Every retreat has been created by us, guided by a thorough sustainability checklist. We ensure our retreats are environmentally friendly, hotels make good use of materials and resources, we have a social commitment, and we preserve the nature and culture of the respective region.

We have defined four sustainability criteria according to which we design our retreats.

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Eco-Luxury Hotels

This would include sustainable hotels or resorts that operate in a way that allows their guests to leave behind the smallest carbon footprint possible. At the finest eco-hotels, you will find organic and sustainably-made products, furniture made from recycled or natural materials, and energy-efficient appliances, animal welfare, Carbon emission reduction, water conservation, zero waste, among other things.

Eco-friendly luxury hotels allow you to enjoy a bountiful experience while remaining environmentally conscious. 


Wholesome Food

We all know that local food always tastes better. It also helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Thus, we look for venues, that offer local, organic, and seasonal food.

Some hotels even have their own organic vegetable and fruit garden where they use the most sustainable methods available. Not using pesticides but instead relying on biodynamic farming methods.

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We are proud of the MAKE IT COUNT initiative whereby we donate 5% of the benefits to non-profit local organizations. 

Besides, we give importance to the fact that hotels have a training program for employees and hire staff from the region they are operating in, purchase locally, and actively support local projects to help the community.

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It's not only about sustaining, it's about we need to work on regenerating the land that was given to us.

All the hotels and resorts we work with have a focus on conservation and even regeneration of their environment. 

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